Why Mediation?

Mediation brings in an experienced third party to work with both sides regarding their lawsuit or dispute. Mediation facilitates the dynamics of settlement to give each side the best opportunity to talk about both the strengths and weaknesses of their case to help make the best choice possible in reaching a settlement. A good mediator will listen to each side, understand their positions, and will de-escalate conflict to help both sides overcome any obstacles that may hinder a settlement. Our mediations can be conducted in Spanish for the benefit and ease of communication with the parties.

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Why Choose Mediation?

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Eliminates Uncertainty

Too often, parties believe that litigation is the only way to get the outcome they want in a dispute. While this may sometimes be true, the litigation process often leaves parties feeling that they lack control, are unfamiliar with the process, and get frustrated waiting and thinking about the outcome of their case. Mediation eliminates the uncertainty of having a potentially hostile jury decide the fate of your case. Mediation puts control back in the hands of the parties without having to anticipate what a jury may or may not think of them or their case.

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As any experienced litigator knows, the vast majority of cases settle since it can take years for a matter to go to trial. As we struggle with the events of COVID-19 and past natural disasters, the judicial system is severely backlogged, with cases not going to trial for several years. Mediation can also eliminate these stressors and brings the work-life balance back to the parties.

Cutting Costs

Litigation costs can also be a deterrent in litigation. In addition to legal fees, the cost of experts, and depositions, parties have to take time off work and may experience additional worries at both work and home. Mediation is a quick and affordable option for this dilemma which gives the parties the freedom to schedule more efficiently by agreement.